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Compare Auto Insurance Rates
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We get it. You need good auto insurance. You don't want to pay more than you have to. You need someone to be there when you need help. You don't have a lot of time to compare rates.

With us, you get the Best of all worlds. The Best carriers, Best price, Best value, and the Best service too. have a Question? Need help with your insurance? Call us and get someone on the phone immediately. Or you can reach us by Text Message (SMS), Email, or you can Quote your auto insurance yourself, online, at anytime and from any place. We review your policy each renewal to make sure you are still getting the Best value for your hard earned money, year after year. We don't just sell auto insurance. We earn and keep your business. That's why most of the customers who started with us 10-15 years ago are still with us today. Shouldn't you be also?

We specialize in low cost car insurance. We help you stack up discounts: Good Driver 20%, Good Student 10%, Multi-car 20%, Bundle Home & Auto 15%, Professional & Alumni discounts, low usage / low mileage discount, and you pay only for what you need.

We have a solution for any situation: New drivers, Ride Sharing use for Uber & Lyft Drivers, International License, Matricula, Expired or Suspended LicenseSR-22, Delivery & Commercial use for small to medium and even large commercial trucks.  Additionally, we offer Insurance for Classics & Collectors, Hot Rods, Exotics and Off Road Vehicles. WE DO IT ALL.

Auto insurance plans are designed to help cover potential car related damages, loss or injuries financially. It helps protect you, passengers, other drivers, pedestrians, property and your car. Auto insurance also helps protects you in the event of a lawsuit associated with an incident involving your car.

Overwhelmed by all the auto insurance choices? Don’t be. We can make finding the right Auto Insurance plan easy. Let us help you find the plan you need at a rate you can afford.

We will provide you with rates from multiple insurance companies to help you shop for the best combination of price and coverage. We’ll clearly explain the options, so you can make the best decision on which plan works best for you.

We monitor your rate on renewals to make sure you are still getting the best deal. We're also here to assist you when you have a claim to make sure that your claim goes smoothly. We've got your back.