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Business Owners Insurance Policy (BOP)

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Business Owners Insurance (BOP) - Business Owners Policy:

Many business owners think that if they have General Liability Insurance, their Business Property is also covered in case of a loss such as fire, or that they are covered against claims arising from their work or product they offer. The fact is that General Liability Insurance only covers you in case a customer sues you for:

  • Bodily Injuries they suffer while on your premises
  • Property Damage you cause while doing your work
  • Advertising & Personal Injuries (e.g., Slander, Libel, Using someone’s image without their permission, or Copyright Infringement)

If you own a Small Business, consider getting a Business Owners Policy (BOP) instead. A Business Insurance policy is an affordable package that combines General Liability Insurance with Business Property coverage, Loss of Income due to business interruption, Product Liability, Equipment Breakdown and many more coverage options essential to your business. Here are some examples of business types that can be covered by a Business Insurance also referred to as a Business Owners Policy (BOP)

  • Food Places: Anything from a Hot Dog Stand to a Full Menu Family Restaurant, including Take-out, Dine-in, Delis, Coffee Shops, Juice Bars, Pizza Parlors, Bakeries and Bagel Shops
  • Service Places: Beauty Salons, Nail Shops, Barber Shops, Tailors and Alterations, Shoe Repair, Dry Cleaners, and Coin Laundries
  • Offices: Medical Offices, Accounting, Bookkeeping, Photography Studios, Lawyers Office, Dental Offices & Labs, Optometrists, and more...
  • Retail Store: Auto Parts, Bridal Shops, Gift Shops, Shoes & Apparels, Toy, Sporting Goods, Arts Supply, Beauty Supply, Electronics, Home Goods, Medical Supply, Pet Supply, Pottery & Plant Store, and many more…

Whether you own a Retail Store, Food Establishment, or you provide a Service to your customers, we can customize a Business Insurance policy that is right for you. As Independent Agents we work with many companies, so we can shop for the best rate while finding a policy that fits your individual business needs.

Some of the main components of a Business Insurance (BOP) policy are:

  • General liability: Covers you in case a customer is injured inside your store or office and feels that you are responsible.
  • Product & Completed Operations liability: Provides coverage against costly liability claims related to your product or business operations.
  • Building coverage: This is necessary only if you own the building.
  • Contents coverage: This covers your property within the building, such as inventory, equipment, fixtures, furniture, artwork, computers, flooring, and light fixtures.
  • Loss of income: This provides a continuation of income if your business has to shut down due to a covered loss such as fire.
  • Equipment breakdown: If an equipment necessary for your business operation breaks down because of a power surge, mechanical failure or other problem, you may suffer decreased output, or worse, need to close down shop until repairs can be made. This coverage will provide assistance with repair or replacement costs and can provide compensation for lost income.
  • Food spoilage: (For Food Establishments) An extended power outage can cause food in your refrigerators and freezers to spoil. If you are forced to throw away a lot of expensive food items due to contamination, this coverage can provide the compensation you need to recover.

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Other Types of Coverage:

  • Outdoor Signs
  • Valuable Papers
  • Glass Coverage
  • Money & Securities
  • Employee Dishonesty
  • Employee Tools
  • Hired & Non-Owned Auto Liability
  • Lock Replacement
  • Electronic Data
  • Property Off-Premises

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